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Your restaurant may not be at the level of success you want it to be. Watch the video regarding my insights on why taking action is THE most important thing you can do to succeed in the restaurant business.

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This week’s restaurant operations tip is gonna address one of the biggest reasons why your restaurant may not be exactly be as successful as you want. It comes down to this one question of: Did you do it?

Knowledge without action is useless, ideas are 20% of success and execution is the other hundred percent. It’s a play on words, a joke that it takes 120% to be successful in the restaurant business. It’s hard work, but the reality is a lot of us have great ideas, aspirations, dreams and goals but if we don’t execute and put the work behind them they’re just never gonna happen.

Just do it!:

Imagine 10 years ago if you were a restaurant owner you probably would have wished for a way to get your message out to the world for free. A way you could share daily updates of what you’re doing at your restaurant in real-time, your own radio show, a television show or a way to share your talents with the entire world. The problem was 10-15 years ago, that type of media would have been very expensive and very hard to produce so a lot of us didn’t do it.

Today we have that ability, are you doing it?

YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook all those tools are available to us. If you have a Facebook page, are you just dabbling and putting a few things out here and there? Or have you mastered the technology because you can reach an enormous amount of people for free.

You can do the same on YouTube or a podcast. Everything is the same, the mediums have just changed. Facebook or a blog is the new newspaper, podcasts are the new radio shows, YouTube are the new television shows. Everything we’ve ever wished for is here today it’s cheap, easy and free but the question is:

Are you doing it? Are you mastering it? Are you taking action?

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