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As a chef and restaurateur, I know how valuable your time is, so I created this page to point you exactly where you need to go so you can get instant access to my most valuable and impactful training!

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“The Foundation for a Lifetime of Restaurant Success Video Series.”

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Good Restaurant to Great Business

In the video, I explain in great detail the differences I have seen in other restaurants that allow one to be a dream, while another is a nightmare. I also demonstrate exactly what the difference is between running a restaurant and owning a business.

Kickstart Your Catering Tool Kit

Weather you are currently catering or not, this tool kit will give you a system for adding $300 to $3,000 a week additional sales. You don’t need any special equipment and won’t need to invest in additional staff or supplies.

Food Cost Calculations

In the video, I will demonstrate EXACTLY how to properly calculate your Food Cost without the need for any special software or tools.

Labor Cost

In the video, I will demonstrate EXACTLY how to properly calculate your Labor Cost without the need for any special software or tools.

_ _ _ _ _ Cost (The Magic Number)

I will reveal why I don’t care (and you should not either) about your Restaurants Food, Beverage or Labor Costs unless you know what this number is and how to calculate it in just 5 minutes a day,

This video series is the absolute foundation for running your restaurant.  It REVOLUTIONIZED the way my clients and I run restaurants (I should say the way I run my businesses).

It will literally change your life! It did for me and it has with every restaurant (and business) I share it with.

The restaurant business is hard enough, you don’t have to do it alone. Finally there is a way to stay up to date with the absolute best content available anywhere for Independent Restaurant Owners & Operators!

It’s time for you to crush it…

Watch the video now to discover how to get my FREE 5 Video series that will help you:

Lower your Restaurant Food Cost, Beverage Cost & Labor Cost by up to 18%

A Strategy to Increase Sales by 13.9% in 1 Week

Management Strategies That Convert Lazy Employees into Responsable Proffesionals

Get your Life Back


I would like to develop a Strategy with you and map out the EXACT Next Steps that will Explode Your Business!

Absolutely nothing compares with the results you will get from 1-on-1 consulting and coaching!

Tell me More

Every week, I set aside time in my schedule for a couple of COMPLIMENTARY STRATEGY SESSIONS. During that time, we will put together a Personalized Actionable Plan for your Restaurant. This is not a pre-set plan I give to everybody, or a “Business Analysis” that is automatically generated based on your answer some questions.

Nope, I am offering a completely personalized plan for you and your business based on the goals that we discuss and exactly where you are at now!

Their is no charge for this and their is no catch. If you enjoy the conversation and get value from it, we can discuss working together long term!

Every Restaurant hits a speed bump (or a brick wall) at some point!

It’s not because you don’t know enough, sometimes it’s just that we get so caught up in working in our restaurant, instead of working on our business! We just need a little bump, to get back on track.

Even the biggest and most successful companies in the world, routinely get outside help from companies like Accenture, SAS or FTI (you know all those companies that advertise during golf tournaments)! Even the CEO of google has a coach, and I am sure we can all agree he is doing just fine!

Here are some of the Questions I am frequently asked (but you can ask me anything you would like)

Help me increase sales?
What marketing should I do?
With rising food cost prices, how can I compete?
When we opened, things were great, but my business is not growing?
Is my food cost OK?
How can I lower my labor cost?
How do I increase repeat business?
Am I ready to open another location?
I have always loved restaurants and have a great idea, is it viable?
I owe everybody money and I am about to loose my restaurant, what should I do?
How am I supposed to compete against the corporate restaurant chain that just moved into town?
I can’t keep working these hours, but I can’t find a good manager?
Why can’t I find any good employees, they are all idiots?

All I ask from you, is that you are open to new ideas and ready to take action on the plans we create together…

You might not even be struggling, my best results come from owners or operators who are doing well, but realize it is time to kick things into gear!

I should warn you though, I am very busy and my time for 1 on 1 coaching is reserved only for serious individuals who are serious about making HUGE changes in their business and their lives.

That is where I am different than the other “Restaurant Guru’s”. Sure I can help you with your business, no problem, but isn’t the point of your business to help you reach certain goals in your life and to provide certain securities and freedom for yourself and your family?

If you are interested in MASSIVE results, in the SHORTEST period of time, simply enter some very basic information below and I will email you the application as well as specific instructions for booking your time with me…!

And don’t worry if you think coaching will be too expensive or not right for you, I have options where we can work 1 on 1 directly with each other, or if that is not possible with your budget, I offer group coaching and other programs!

But no matter what you believe, I can’t see any reason why we shouldn’t at least get on the phone ASAP for your FREE STRATEGY SESSION!


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Add $300 to $3,000 a Week to Your Restaurant, INSTANTLY using the exact same super simple system I learned in my restaurant, completely by accident! Get Results in less than 48 hours, without spending a penny on marketing, working more hours or hiring extra staff!