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As a restaurant owner, you have to deal with employees, customers, suppliers, and the government all day, every day and it’s STRESSFUL.

You’ve tried hiring managers, you’ve tried different marketing companies, you are always trying new stuff, but it seems to never work out how you planned.

You’re working long hours, can never catch your breath and every time you even think about leaving the restaurant for the day, there’s yet another problem and fire to put out.

There just never seems to be enough time in the day.  You’re feeling it.  Your staff is feeling it.  Your family is feeling it.

Imagine for a second …

How it would feel to know you could take a week away from the restaurant, turn your phone off and know that your restaurant is running exactly the way you want it to?  And when problems come up, your staff can handle it properly.  

What would you do if every night you had lines full of returning and new customers who just can’t wait to get inside because you are KNOWN for your customer service, atmosphere, culture and amazing food.

How would it feel for you to finally stop spinning your wheels and finally turn your dream restaurant into a reality?

Let me share with you the exact spreadsheets, tools, worksheets, examples, checklists and documents I built for my own restaurants and have previously only ever shared with my one-on-one restaurant clients that completely turned those businesses around.

My name is Ryan Gromfin  and I help restaurant owners ditch the stress and overwhelm so they can increase their profits and enjoy more freedom from their business.

This is a 100% BS-free zone.  No pictures of me on a private jet or driving a Lamborghini.  I’m just a chef who worked in a couple of 5-star hotels and fancy restaurants who, along with a partner, opened 4 restaurants in 2009. Yep 4 in one year (crazy right)!

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

I failed MISERABLY. 

Within a year I was in the hospital and the doctor told me that the stress from work caused an ulcer and I needed to take 2 weeks off.  Not even 30 years old and running a restaurant literally burned a hole in my stomach but taking even a DAY off wasn’t an option.

Why? Because the restaurants were failing.

I took the next day off and asked myself what am I going to do differently so this doesn’t happen again. I made the best decision I have ever made in my life that night, I hired a coach. I couldn’t afford it, but if you can’t, then you must.

That coach taught me a ton and for 6 months straight, I dug in and worked harder than I had ever worked before.

It paid off because I turned those restaurants completely around and was able to finally take the doctor’s orders and I took my wife on a 2 week trip to Fiji.

No cell phone, no computer, no internet. We were disconnected from the WORLD for 2 weeks.

After a year of successful operations where I experienced less stress, less overwhelm and way more profits and freedom,  I decided to leave the partnership to start coaching other restaurant owners so they didn’t have to go down the same path I did.

I cut my coaching teeth on every type of restaurant imaginable, and those clients experienced every problem you could think of.  Over the past 10+ years I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, all over the world.

No matter what type of restaurant, how perfect the location or amazing the food or even how experienced of a staff they had – there was only one thing that ever worked to fix their problems. 

It was the same hard lesson I learned operating my own restaurants.

The Secret Behind Running A
Successful Restaurant

People can’t be managed.

I don’t know a single person that likes to be managed.

I mean seriously, did you like being managed? Did you like somebody telling you everything you are doing wrong, all day, everyday?

So what makes you think your people want you to manage them?

Managing systems, however, is simple once you have the right ones in place. Systems don’t have feelings, they don’t change their mind or decide that they’re just going to do things a different way today.

The fear, the stress and the overwhelm you feel when you think about leaving your restaurant for a week – that stems from the constant disappointment you feel when your staff doesn’t do what you want, when you want and exactly how you want.

When I was working in those 5-star hotels, we had systems for every little thing.  Being young and arrogant, I thought I’d have no problem replicating the success I saw there.  So while I had some of the systems in place, I was only ever managing the people and not the systems.

It’s that easy.  That’s the magic, the secret sauce, the formula, the recipe to lifelong success in your restaurant.  

It’s your ability to BUILD and MANAGE systems first.

Then if your team is struggling with something, you DEVELOP them.

That’s not how any one of us learned how to start and grow a restaurant so it makes sense that this is why struggling. It’s because you are trying to manage people instead of managing systems.

The key to success in the Restaurant Business is Managing Systems

and Developing People. 

Please don’t feel badly. You didn’t go to school to get an advanced degree in this stuff!  Even if you did, no one is born a great manager.  It is a skill, like anything else, it is a skill you can learn. You’re learned to ride a bike, you learned to drive a car, you can learn how to manage systems and develop people, but ONLY if you want to.

If you are not even remotely interested in learning to improve your situation by trying something different than you have in the past, then you should STOP READING NOW!

Just remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results.

You can’t manage systems without having systems to manage.  To solve that problem, I started creating the most commonly needed systems and processes for my restaurants as well as methods for developing team members. I shared these systems and have perfected them over time with my clients paying over $1,000 per month to work with me.

And now, I have put it all in into a Toolkit.

Best of all, it’s 100% FREE.

This FREE Toolkit is filled with all the training videos, workbooks, checklists, formulas, charts, prep sheets, job descriptions, recipes, build sheets, and employee training templates you could ever want or need.

These are the same resources that I share with my one-on-one clients whether they are just starting out, struggling or ready to launch their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 10th location.

I’ve found that it works in every part of the world, for every restaurant type imaginable including…

  • Fast Food
  • Fine dining
  • Food Trucks
  • Casual Dining
  • Quick service
  • Cafes
  • Take Out
  • Ghost Kitchens
  • Pizzerias
  • Hotels

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Inside this Toolkit

Here are just a few of the best kept secret tools you need to run a successful, profitable restaurant … and you’re about to get them all for FREE


1.Case Study – Increase your Profits without Spending a Dime on Marketing
A deep dive into how Steve increased profits 13.8%, in a couple of days, without spending a penny on marketing.

2.Restaurant Job Descriptions
All of them ready to go, just print them out.

3.Restaurant Employee Training Template
The 5 steps you need to follow (or copy this example) when building your training guides.

4.BOH and FOH Safety and Sanitation Training
Do you have a chemical training program? You do now!

5.Creating Raving Fan Customers in 5 Steps
An hour long video I taught live at a clients restaurant on turning guests into raving fans.

6.Sample Chart of Accounts
I bet your Accounting is a mess, it’s true of most of my clients. This is the BEST chart of accounts you will ever find for restaurant account.

7.Basic Restaurant Financial Formulas
Do you know the formulas for calculating food cost, with inventory and discounts? You will soon!

8.Quick Reference Food Quality Chart
Has your cook ever served food that wasn’t prepared properly? Not anymore.

9.90 Day Restaurant Planner
Ever look into the sky and wonder what you should work on next? This will solve that problem.

10.National Food Days Social Media Cheat Sheet & Content Ideas
Did you run a pizza special on Pi day or ask on social media if a hot dog is a sandwich on sandwich day? Don’t worry, we wrote the posts and have the pictures for you to use on the most popular food days.


1. Example Onboarding Checklist
You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

2.Weekly and Monthly Budget Predictor
How can you improve profits if you don’t have a target?

3.Cash Handling Procedure Forms
I had a client missing 90k in cash, now with these forms, they are not missing a penny.

4.Batch Recipe and Menu Item Costing Card
We built it so you don’t have to.

5.Daily Sales Report Entry in QuickBooks
Is that gift card a credit or a debit in QuickBooks? Eghhh don’t worry about it, just do what this tells you to do.

6.Category and CoGS Declining Balance Sheet – Category
If you want a 30% food cost, don’t order more than 30% of the food you are going to sell…and this is how you track that.

7.Ideal Cost Calculator
What should your food cost be?

8.Key Item Inventory
Did my bartender give away beer last night?

9.Labor Calculator
How much labor do I need and how much labor can I afford?

10.Menu Price Change Assistant
What should I charge for that new salad?

11.Menu Profit Analyzer
Am I even making money on these items?

12.Month End Inventory Adjustment
I wish every month ended on a Sunday so you wouldn’t need this. But it doesn’t so I guess I do.

13.Month End Payroll Accrual
If you pay your team monthly you don’t need this, but you don’t pay your team monthly, do you?

14.Requisition Form – Bar to Kitchen and Kitchen to Bar
Hey guys, can I get a bottle of bourbon for a BBQ Sauce “Special”

15.Restaurant Pre-Shift Log
You don’t do a pre-shift, we need to talk about that.

16.Server Tip Sheet
How much should servers tip bussers, what about bartenders?

17.Bar and Kitchen Waste Sheets
I know, you have been meaning to do this since you heard that guy speak at the NRA show 12 years ago.

18.Yield Calculator
What is my actual cost per pound by the time I trim and cook this prime rib?

Don’t just take my word for it, look what happened when some of these readers accessed the Toolkit for the first time…

Don’t Just Take My Word For It, Look What Happened When Some Of These Readers Accessed The Toolkit For The First Time…

The TRB Toolkit Is So Incredibly Valuable On It’s Own, But I Wanted To Make Sure You Had Even
MORE Priceless Resources.

 I’m Also Including:

Bonus #1 – The 9 Restaurant Accelerators Insider Training

The 9 Restaurant Accelerators Insider Training

Total Value: $97.00

Secret #1: How to turn your job owning a restaurant into an the role of an investor who owns a business and generates passive income

Secret #2: The three steps to building out fully automated marketing funnels

Secret #3: The one tiny tweak to your table (or cashier) greeting that will turn guests from casual diners, to RAVING FANS.

Secret #4: The exact 6 metrics you need to measure to completely control your finances (and how to measure them and how to improve them).

Secret #5: The three tools you need to decrease your Food and Labor Costs

Secret #6: How to quickly acquire new guests without spending a penny on marketing


Bonus #2 – A Sneak Peek At My Critically Acclaimed New Book, “Make It Happen”.

A Sneak Peek At My Critically Acclaimed New Book, “Make It Happen”.

Total Value: $97.00

I’ll send you the the audio and PDF of my favorite chapter in the book where you’ll learn about the opportunities that you have before you right now, what road bump you should be looking out for, and how to make sure you dust yourself off and get back on the horse.


Bonus #3 – Concept Development Workbook

Concept Development Workbook

Total Value: $197.00

My clients are not only able to open successful restaurant after successful restaurant, but they make it look easy. In this 17-page workbook, I’ll walk you through the entire process so you avoid the common pitfalls and aren’t destined for failure before you even start.


Bonus #4 – Fix This Next audio course

Fix This Next audio course

Total Value: $97.00

A 23-minute guided audio to help you sort through the chaos of what’s happening in your restaurant so you know exactly what you should be fixing first. By the end of the audio, you’ll have a list of the 10 things in priority order that need to be fixed. This audio is not available ANYWHERE else on my site!


Bonus #5 – 27 Page Workbook “Important Examples of the Most Important Checklists

27 Page Workbook “Important Examples of the Most Important Checklists

Total Value: $897.00

I don’t think there is a more powerful tool to help you run your business or be an effective manager and leader than checklists. They work, but not if you don’t build them properly. In fact, it’s so important that I decided to pull the 27-page workbook out of my best-selling, premier training, SCALE so there would be no excuses for you to get this part right.


Now I know what you’re probably thinking … why is he giving all this away for free?


I know some people offer you some cool must-have resource for free but you have to read the fine print to find out what exclusions there are. Or worse, they put you into some program that charges your card every month.

That’s not what this is.

There’s no fine print, there’s no hidden “continuity program”. You won’t enter a credit card number, you won’t connect an account to PayPal, and we won’t spam your email. So in case you’re wondering why I’m doing this … here is EXACTLY why!

Like I said earlier, I struggled in the restaurant business. I had a trip to the hospital before I was 30 and that doesn’t even touch on the amount of times I was yelled at, had forks thrown at me, plates broken at my feet or food thrown back at me. I would go to work nervous that I was going to be fired, or get in trouble for something I probably didn’t even do.

When my son asked me if he could be a chef like me, I said NO.

I am sure you tell your kids or friends not to get into the restaurant business.

But WHY?

I decided a few years back that our industry needs to change. My mission is bigger now than ever before. It is not just a mission about helping restaurants that can afford to work with me, it is a mission about helping every single cook, manager, server, bartender and owner who wants more for their family and more out of life.

You should be able to have a life and work in the restaurant industry. You should be excited when you children or a friend wants to get into this industry and follow in your footsteps, not talking them out of it.

So I want to help as many restaurants as possible improve their operations, make more money, pay their teams more money and ditch all the stress, struggle and overwhelm associated with operating restaurants.


  • I want to get my stuff into your hands. Once you see how amazing it is, it should get you excited enough to perhaps want to join our membership. Just imagine how good our paid stuff is, if our FREE stuff is this good.
  • I absolutely love teaching and sharing what I’ve learned with others. And sure, it’s a little ego boost to be able to help so many restaurant owners increase their business and see them finally thrive. But I’m tired of people publishing “tips” they haven’t used in their own restaurants and that aren’t proven to work.
  • If I’m being REALLY honest, I want you to open that Toolkit and think, whoa, that guy is pretty cool.

Then we can change this industry together and stop telling our kids “not to work in restaurants”.


  • The Full, Unrestricted TRB Toolkit INCLUDING a sneak peek at my new book, “Make It Happen” ($197 value)
  • Concept Development Workbook ($197 value)
  • Fix This Next audio course and follow up ($97 value)
  • 27 Page Workbook (straight out of my premier Training Course, SCALE)
  • “Important Examples of the Most Important Checklists” ($897 value)



My Team Thought I Was Crazy To Give All Of This Away For Free, So Be Sure To Claim Your Access Before They Convince Me To Take It All Down

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy all of the resources and training inside the TRB Tookit!

Thanks, Ryan Gromfin

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here’s the deal.

I’m giving you digital access to hundreds of training videos, workbooks, checklists, formulas, charts, prep sheets, job descriptions, recipes, build sheets, and employee training templates plus a ton of bonuses like a sneak peek at my new book, “Make It Happen”, The Concept Development Workbook, The Fix This Next audio course, and a 27-page workbook called “Important Examples of the Most Important Checklists” that I pulled out of my premier training, SCALE.

There’s no catch, no strings, no gimmicks, no sleazy “trial” that turns into a monthly charge … there’s nothing like that.

So, click the button below to get your FREE access now. You won’t regret it.

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