What Students Are Saying About Restaurant Manager Certification

“Management became easy!”

“I needed to learn to help my team, not just manage them.”

“Management became easy!”

“I needed to learn to help my team, not just manage them.”

Every restaurant owner should take RMC!
My restaurant was a mess before I started implementing the things I learned in the Restaurant Manager Certification. I didn’t have any control and there was no organization in our restaurant whatsoever. I felt like Ryan was talking about MY restaurant – he was hitting on all the problems we have at Cream Ridgewood. Now that I have completed the course, I finally feel like I can pull on the reigns and regain control. I now have all of the tools needed to help everyone work better as a team. Every restaurant owner I know should take Ryan’s Restaurant Manager Certification course!

Night Samuel, Founding Chef and Owner, Cream Ridgewood

Ready To Become a Restaurant Manager
“I want to become a restaurant manager and really wanted more understanding on managing the numbers/financials of the restaurant. This course gave me exactly what I needed and was looking for. I was impressed with how thorough this course was and how it was delivered. Plus, the examples given throughout are amazing and fit perfectly with the lessons taught. The part about Nano managing systems/processes was new to me, and the Elon Musk example was the perfect example!”
Raed Omar, Business Development Manager, Lincoln Hospitality Inc.

No more ordering and staffing issues!
“It’s unbelievable to me how much things have improved since going through the Restaurant Manager Certification. I could not say things were good a month ago. But now, after incorporating new strategies and techniques I learned in the program, our kitchen is putting out better quality food, faster, and we are not having the ordering issues or staffing issues we had just one month ago.”

Eddie Hausfeld, G.M. Agave & Rye

I was never taught how to be a manager!
“The owner I work for thought it would be a good idea to go through the Restaurant Manager Certification.  We are a 3 unit group and I manage the managers.  To be honest, it’s a very challenging job and nobody has ever taught me “how to manage.”  Working harder and harder was not proving to be effective.  Since going through the course and implementing new strategies, my store-level managers are far more responsive and they are now using the strategies I am teaching them with their team.  The course has proven to be incredibly valuable and effective for myself and my team. I highly recommend it.”

Hershy Dancziger, Executive Manager, Hava Java

I got the promotion!
“I believe going through your course gave me the confidence boost I needed to just go for it and not wait around. I am ecstatic about my promotion. You really did make a difference in my thought process and actions. What I learned in the course has served me well in my new position. Thank you!”

Tanya Grant, Restaurant Manager, Marriott

Highly recommended if you want to WIN!
I always knew there was more to learn, I just didn’t know how to get myself or my team there. RMC helped answer the questions I had and showed me how to be a more positive leader. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to win and never accept failure as an option.

-Matthew Kay, Owner, Hudson Social

I gained confidence and self-esteem!
“Before taking RMC, I wasn’t sure I was doing everything I could to be the best restaurant manager. RMC gave me the confidence and self-esteem I needed in my current position and I’m going to keep moving forward on this road of self-improvement.”

Brendon Kershaw, Manager, Rock Thai Sushi

I used to have too many unfinished tasks…
“Before taking the Restaurant Manager Certification course, I was all over the place and had too many unfinished tasks. I needed to find a way to follow-through and have balance! Enter Ryan and RMC. After taking the course, I now understand that in order for others to do their jobs effectively, I must put efficient systems in place and follow them!”

Karlee Thompson, General Manager, Backporch Drafthouse

I no longer have to micro-manage my team!
My biggest challenge used to be micro-managing my team. After taking RMC, I realized that I was the one who had to set them up for success by having procedures and systems in place. As Ryan says, manage systems and develop people. I am so thankful that my GM gave me the opportunity to take this course. Not only will it help me in my role as a manager, but also with actual everyday life skills that make you see the world a little better!

Virginia Garcia, Manager, Order Up Cafe

I finally have the respect of my team!
My biggest challenge as a restaurant manager was getting respect from others. I’m definitely going to get better every day using the strategies I learned in RMC. As a matter of fact, I’ve already been promoted from bartender to shift supervisor!

Alejandra Solano, Shift Supervisor, Agave & Rye

I can finally manage my team properly!
Before taking Restaurant Manager Certification, I needed to learn how to play fair with everyone and not take everything to heart. RMC armed me with the knowledge I needed to be a lot more organized and strict when needed. I feel like I now know how to properly manage a team.

Irina Morozova, Assistant GM, Backporch Drafthouse

No one ever taught me about restaurant financials!
One of our biggest challenges is controlling liquor cost and managing the correct amounts of alcohol to order for the week. I loved the financial part of RMC because it’s something that managers are expected to know but aren’t always taught!

Sarah Russell, Bar Manager, Agave & Rye

We now have consistency in all 4 of our restaurants!
The Restaurant Manager Certification course is so relatable and easy to understand and has helped me to develop even more systems than we currently had. Now we can have more consistency in each of our 4 restaurant locations, which is especially important because I’m only one person and don’t always have the opportunity to train new management the way I’d prefer. Now I have the motivation to line them all up and stick to all of the processes.

Brittany Meredith, Manager, Backporch Drafthouse

The must-have course if you want to succeed as a manager!
Restaurant Manager Certification is perfect for anyone who wants to succeed, be a leader, and is sick and tired of running around like a chicken with their head cut off.

Donnie McClanahan, Multi-Unit Manager, Roddy Vending Company, Inc.

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