“Ryan has an amazing presence, charisma, and ability to energize his audience. Our team walked away from the session with a great new outlook and I am seeing his methods being used today as a result.”

– Michael Berumen, Director of Operations, Ruby’s Diner

Ryan Gromfin – Chef, Restauranteur, Author and Speaker!

A professional and keynote speaker for almost 10 years, Ryan helps restaurant owners improve their operations through customized training and lively speeches. He has delivered talks to restaurant associations, corporate restaurant groups, and vendor-hosted events all over the world.

Ryan’s passion is to help restaurants and organizations that are not just interested in growing revenue and increasing profits, but exceeding customers’ expectations and improving the lives of their team members.

Ryan has spoken at multiple Sysco locations, delivered keynotes to as large as 1,000 people and industry associations such as Bowling Proprietors Association of America, and held Restaurant Group training events for businesses such as Ruby’s Diner and B.C. Pizza. 

My promise to you:

  • Entertain and educate your audience!
  • All talks are customized for the event theme and to reinforce stakeholder goals.
  • Understand your business and your goals
  • Deliver a customized message to reinforce these goals
  • Be responsive and low maintenance
  • A grand slam speech that will exceed your expectations!

Ryan Gromfin is a trusted restaurant industry expert who understands what our National Restaurant Association Show audiences of foodservice professionals need to learn, and he tailors topics accordingly. Ryan always delivers best-in-class presentations, bringing content to life with relevant case studies, hands-on exercises, and practical resources, all with applicable takeaways that truly help operators run their businesses.

Stacey Hodge

Senior Director, Programming, National Restaurant Association Show

Possible Speaking Topics

Here are a few topics Ryan has up his sleeve, but he is happy to custom tailor a speech
to meet your organization’s needs.

1) Bullet Proof Your Restaurant

A bulletproof restaurant is protected against changes in the economy, new competition, hiring and firing of team members, and lazy managers and operators. Aren’t you ready to become bulletproof?!

2) Why Your Restaurant is NOT as Profitable as it Should Be

Operating a restaurant using a P&L statement is like driving a car looking through the rear view mirror. Instead of reacting to missed food costs and higher than expected labor costs, I will show your audience how to create a very simple and easy to use budget in 3 easy steps so they will go from “hoping next month’s better” to hitting their exact Food, Beverage and Labor costs each and every month.

3) STOP Micro-Managing!

I don’t ever want you to micro-manage again.  In fact, micro-managing is a great way to destroy your ogranazation.  Instead, I am going to teach you how to NANO-MANAGE.  This makes micro-managing looks like begining stuff.  The difference is, I don’t want you to NANO or MICRO manage an employee, employees hate managers, I want to teach you how to NANO-MANAGE systems and develop your Employees.

4) Your Employees Don't Care about you, They Care about Themselves!

We have all said it and we might believe it, but only part of that statement is true. Your employees don’t suck, but they likely don’t care as much about you and your goals as you want them to. In this presentation, I will teach you how to find, train and keep your staff motivated (even when they don’t care).

5) Menu Ninja

The most important tool in your restaurant or food service business is your menu. In this presentation, I will teach you some of the little-known tricks to creating the perfect sized menu with the right mix of products, how to price them, and how to best design the menu so your customers spend more and leave happier.

6) Restaurant Profit Flood

Increasing profits is not always about getting more customers and finding the next “marketing silver bullet.” In this presentation, I will teach you the step-by-step formula used by the most successful restaurants use to keep costs in line, increase sales and ultimately create highly profitable restaurants.

7) SCALE: How Restaurants Grow and Become Extraordinary

Have you dreamed of opening up two, three or dozens of restaurant locations? Then you need to learn how to SCALE! In this presentation, I teach you now only about creating systems, but how to design your unique selling proposition, position your brand in the marketplace, and engineer a competitive advantage that others will want to invest in.

We just wanted to follow up with you to first say how influenced we were from your presentation at the National Restaurant Association Show this morning! It was something that was beyond our expectations as well as overly-satisfying for our path to learn!

Rico Renderos

President, 180 Solutionz

“I had the privilege of having Ryan lead a break out session for our GMs at our annual conference. One of the items our team had been struggling with is connecting with the ‘younger’ generation and also having tough conversations and holding them accountable. Ryan put together a comprehensive workshop that gave the managers tangible tools and a step-by-step process on how to improve communication and make connections. Ryan has an amazing presence, charisma, and ability to energize his audience. Our team walked away from the session with a great new outlook and I am seeing his methods being used today as a result.

I would highly recommend using Ryan for your organization and I am confident he can provide a fresh perspective on the many complex facets of the restaurant business.”

Michael Berumen

Director of Operations, Ruby's Diner

“It was obvious you were “striking” the right chord with our members based on their engagement and active participation during your presentation. I witnessed a lot of interaction and sharing of ideas between our audience members, something that is not easily accomplished with our group! Ii will be sure to let me fellow state BPA executive director colleagues know that “The Restaurant Boss” can provide their state association members a customized and engaging program for their education and operational food and beverage needs.”
R. William Duff Jr.

Executive Director, Illinois State Bowling Proprietors Association

“The Restaurant Boss was amazing. Ryan was engaging, informative and helpful.”
Chris Nelson

Corporate Owner, B.C. Pizza (30 unit)

“Ryan entertained our audience and moved them with actionable strategies that have already shown improvements in our operators bottom lines. I would highly recommend him for your next event or to work personally with your brand.”
Stu Glaser

Director of Business Development, Sysco

More Professional & Keynote Speaker Engagements
Ruby’s GM Conference
I presented a 90-minute keynote to all the mangers and executive team teaching them my 5-step feedback formula.  The formula teaches a way for everybody to communicate quickly and effectively either manager to line level or line level to managers.  The feedback formula encourages positive feedback and in a quick real-time manner. 

BPAA – Bowling Proprietors Association of America

I presented a 90-minute breakout session to bowling center owners and operators revealing the Foundation to a Lifetime of Restaurant Success.  After working with and studying hundreds of restaurants across the word, I have discovered that there are 5 habits all highly successful restaurants share.  There is a formula for success and those who chose to follow it will be rewarded with the benefits.  Those who don’t will continue to struggle!