The “ACTUAL” Business Plan

I used this plan to raise a lot of money for my first restaurant. This plan is revolutionary in design and content. It was so effective I still use it as the template for my clients today. This does NOT look any other business plan you have seen..


The Real Cost to Open a Restaurant

My very popular report that has been published multiple times reveals the REAL COST to open a restaurant.

Sample Restaurant Opening Budget

Use this budget to help you determine how much it will cost your to open your restaurant!

"There is a lot of useful information...even though I am looking at a different style and concept, this still gives me a good idea of operational costs. The PitchBook also gave me a lot of insights to adapt to my own Business Plan. Now my Business Plan and Sales Pitch documents are 99% complete thanks to Ryan's advice!"

– William, Melbourne-Australia

"Simply put, your pitch deck template is what we used to just close about $1.7 MM in total investment from a private group of investors to fund our franchise concept. They remarked that it was one of the best investment presentations they have ever seen."

– Michael, Texas

The Complete Restaurant Startup & Budget eKit

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