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Meet Ryan Gromfin, The Restaurant Boss


Not just a chef but a global phenomenon in the culinary world. As the most followed restaurant coach globally, Ryan regularly takes the stage as a distinguished speaker, captivating audiences at The National Restaurant Association Show, the Bowling Proprietors Association of America and several Sysco locations across the US.

Beyond the stage, Ryan’s strategic prowess shines as he led Agave and Rye to unprecedented success, steering its growth to over 15 locations. With a unique blend of expertise and leadership, Ryan emerges not only as a coach but as a true trailblazer in the ever-evolving landscape of the restaurant industry.

From his early days in luxury country clubs to earning top honors in Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University, Ryan’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. His culinary expertise flourished in 5-star hotels, laying the foundation for a career that would quickly redefine the restaurant industry.

After successfully operating four of his own restaurants, Ryan gained a strong reputation as a business powerhouse and culinary expert, setting the stage for helping other restaurants achieve the success they’ve always wanted.

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The Restaurant Boss was born out of Ryan’s mission to transform and redefine the industry, making it better than it has ever been and challenging its traditional norms. When restaurant owners needed better systems, procedures and more control over their bottom line, he created his premier training program, SCALE and the restaurant profit software, clickBACON.

Ryan’s impact extends beyond the kitchen. His game-changing book, Make It Happen goes beyond conventional wisdom, offering practical insights and strategies to elevate your team to A-Players, cultivate a legion of raving-fan guests, and drive profits to new heights. Ryan’s unique approach is a blueprint for completely transforming your restaurant operations.

“Ryan Gromfin is a trusted restaurant industry expert who understands what our National Restaurant Association Show audiences of foodservice professionals need to learn, and he tailors topics accordingly. Ryan always delivers best-in-class presentations, bringing content to life with relevant case studies, hands-on exercises, and practical resources, all with applicable takeaways that truly help operators run their businesses.”

Stacey Hodge
Senior Director, Programming, National Restaurant Association Show

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Ryan’s Official Bio

Ryan Gromfin is a business coach, professional speaker, chef, restaurateur, and founder of, restaurant profit software,, and He’s a sought-after, multi-year speaker for prominent events such as The National Restaurant Association Show and his groundbreaking book, Make It Happen, is a pivotal guide for success in the restaurant industry. As The Restaurant Boss, he’s the most followed restaurant coach globally, helping restaurants increase profits, improve operations, and scale their businesses.

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“A friend of mine saw that I was in a bit of a funk and suggested I call Ryan. Low and behold, he was The Restaurant Whisperer. We had some sales. We were doing well, but my confidence was crap. I had no faith in me making the right decisions. He helped me be able to take a paycheck again. We went from $500 dinners to $1300 dinners. The numbers don’t lie.”

Will Cholewinski

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