Successful restaurants require a variety of tools, resources, and vendors. This one-stop shop is full of products and services we can personally recommend that will give you a leg up on improving your systems.

We have negotiated special deals and incentives with all of our partners. To take advantage of these deals, you must contact them via the “Get My Deal” button. Simply click on the button, submit your information, and somebody will be in touch shortly. If you are just looking for more information on the company, click the logo. Remember: just clicking the logo doesn’t get you the deal.

Simple, Fast and Easy Food, Beverage, and Labor Costing

Those words are not usually associated with figuring out the financials in your restaurant.  The reality is calculating Food, Beverage, and Labor cost is a very complex process, which is why 4 years ago we set out to develop the first software tool that makes it easier.

If you know you need more data to increase profits but have tried in the past or are overwhelmed by the process, please check out clickBACON.

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Trusted Graphic Design Service

Before your potential customers even taste your food, they are already judging the quality by the looks of your logo, menu, business cards, etc. Your graphic identity is the first taste people will get of your food. If it’s dull, so will be your sales. For example, a well-designed menu encourages people to spend more money, try new things, and has been proven to satisfy them more when the food arrives. We create taste profiles and images in our mind of the food, before we even taste it. If we believe it will be great, it will taste better. The same hold trues for your entire graphic identity. Old and dull or new and fresh!

If you need to freshen up your graphic identity, I highly recommend you reach out to our trusted partners at 99Designs. PLUS, they are offering you $20 off the service of your choice when you click on the button below.

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Raydiant Digital Menu & Screen Signage

Raydiant helps you easily and seamlessly turn your TV screen into a digital menu so you can post specials, update a rotating menu, etc.  Using their simple online software with hundreds of templates and a stick that looks like a Fire Stick, you can instantly connect any TV to your computer and create your digital data instantly. To save $70 off their standard pricing, click the button below.

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Aggregate all of your third-party delivery systems into one
easy-to-use dashboard.

Dash’s all-in-one platform puts your third-party delivery systems like UberEasts, Postmates, Door Dash, and GrubHub into one easy-to-use dashboard. All of the tablets you have lying around (Dash calls that “tablet ordeal”) are replaced with one device. Simply set up your menu (only once), choose your third-party delivery partners, integrate your payment processor, and boom you’re done. Dash will then work its magic and consolidate all of your orders across all channels into one place. And the best part: Dash sends orders straight to YOUR printers or KDS. In today’s day and age, this is a GAMECHANGER. To take advantage of my special low pricing, click the button below for details.

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All in One Catering Solution

Designed for the needs of off-premise and drop-off caterers: operations, sales and marketing. Unlimited users/events/orders. Create proposals with electronic signature contracts built in. A delivery manager and Uber-like driver’s mobile app allows you to quickly route deliveries and thrill clients. Drag and drop BEO templates and kitchen production reports, offer online ordering, create email marketing campaigns, and many more features.

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Awesome Loyalty, Rewards, and Follow Up

So loyalty & rewards programs are great; however, they usually take a lot of time for you to manage them.  The reason I love Fivestars is that they have completely automated the entire process.  Once a guest joins your rewards program, they will automatically send out emails, text messages, and updates to your guests. Say somebody has not visited in 30 days, no problem, let’s send them a special offer via text, 60, 90 days etc…  Even better, are the push notifications that actually show up on their phone.  And what if your rewards program could recommend your restaurant to members of other business nearby, wouldn’t that be awesome!

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Credit Card Processing

We have negotiated some of the best rates you will find for your size.  They are comparable to rates major multi-units are getting.  There is more to processing than just rates, but let’s be real, if they can save you a couple hundred a month it’s worth taking a few minutes to check and see (and that is being modest). 

Seamless allows you to process all your payments in one system. They replace the need for multiple legacy providers that businesses today rely on for their payment processing needs. Seamless integrates with all major POS systems.

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Beverage Management

FreePour provides advanced beverage management to help reduce waster, spilling, over-pouring or theft. They use awesome little scales with bar code scanners so you can scan like 30 bottles per minute. Watch the video on their website and see what I mean, it’s pretty cool stuff if you have a high-volume bar and want to squeeze every penny out of it. 

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My Favorite Books and Stuff

I have compiled a collection of my favorite books, tools, and stuff that will help you make more money and live a more productive and fulfilling life.  

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