One-on-One Strategy Session

Feeling stuck and know you need some professional help? This option is perfect for you. In our 90-minute strategy session, we will dive into whatever is causing you to feel stuck and come up with a proven solution for overcoming this challenge. Why waste days, months or even years trying to figure out what Ryan can teach you in your 90 minutes! Usually, this session is all a person needs to get going!


Mentoring / Coaching

If you are ready for next-level coaching with Ryan, then you belong here! You are looking to fast track growth and are ready to enjoy more money, more freedom, and smoother operations. This relationship offers the most access to me and the most accountability. We will set goals and I will ensure you are achieving them! A One-on-One Strategy Session must be completed before we enter next-level coaching.


Speaking & Training

A professional speaker for almost 10 years, Ryan can deliver an entertaining and educational breakout or keynote presentation at your next event. Ryan helps restaurant owners improve their operations through customized training and lively speeches. He has delivered talks to restaurant associations, corporate restaurant groups, and vendor-hosted events all over the world. Ryan’s passion is to help restaurants and organizations that are not just interested in growing revenue and increasing profits, but exceeding customers’ expectations and improving the lives of their team members.


Onsite Consulting

For the absolute fastest results, Ryan can come to your restaurant and work side-by-side with you and your team. Within minutes he will find thousands of dollars that can be saved and identify areas for improvement that are often missed with virtual coaching. Contact Ryan directly if you are interested in having him come onsite.


Menu Engineering

Your menu is the most valuable income producing tool in your restaurant; however, most menus are not designed with increasing profits in mind. Instead of investing in new marketing strategies and spending thousands on advertising that is hard to measure results, consider looking at your menu first. With a few simple tweaks to your current menu and offerings, we promise you will see a huge impact on your top and bottom lines.

Menu Engineering services are available to all restaurants ranging from single units with revenue around +1M per year to national and multinational chains.

Fees range from $2,500 to $25,000 depending on units and volume.


Concept Development

Ideas are 40% of restaurant success, execution is the remaining 80%. I know that adds up to 120%, but honestly, that’s what it takes to succeed in the restaurant business. Having a great idea is a start. However, if that great idea is not formulated into a concept with multiple layers of successful strategies ‘baked into the cake’, you won’t be living your dream. Sure, there is a good chance you can make a living, but in order to create the success you have dreamed of, you need more than just a good idea, good food, and a good location.

Fees range from $5,000 to $50,000 depending on project details.


Restaurant Financials

Whether you have secured all the money you need to open your restaurant or are looking for partners or investors, it’s incredibly important that you have financial projections. It’s not easy to create financials that accurately portrait things like a five year estimation of sales, expenses and profits or competitive price analysis. While it’s definitely something I consider a “must have” for any business, it’s even more important when you are looking for outside capital. Potential partners and investors need to see how viable your concept really is and you need to be able to show them how they can expect to receive a return on their investment.

Fees generally range between $1500 – $2500 and include a combination of one-on-one calls, reviews and the creation of the financial projection package.

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