A total novice and don’t know where to start

Sort of know what I’m doing but things are getting out of control
Things are under control, I’m measuring financials but I need a strategy to improve them

If looking at your POS, QuickBooks or Current Financial Management Tool makes you want to throw your hands up and punch something … keep reading.

Now is NOT the time to fumble and guess your way through business.

You are a restauranteur, not an accountant.  Why are you wading through the mess of numbers that make up your POS and QuickBooks data!?  SizzleStart is my 1-on-1 coaching package that’s perfect for every stage of your restaurant whether you can’t figure out how to set up accounts or where specific expenses go or you need an expert to get you to the next level.


Are you ready to understand what those numbers mean and get a rock-solid custom action plan?

1. Assess and Goals

After looking at where you are now, we’ll develop realistic goals to get you to where you want to be and start to build out a custom action plan to get you there.  Many clients start seeing results after only 2 weeks!

2. Build Out

In order for BACON to work for you, it has to be set up properly so we’re going to make sure that you have your accounts, direct operating expenses and labor settings set up properly.  We’ll take a look at the reports from your POS and make sure that you are set up in the best, most efficient way.

3. Ninja Tips & Tricks

As we go, I’ll give you my best tips to make sure you aren’t a slave to your books. I want you to spend more time doing the things you love in your business!

4. Assess and Optimize

With the Choice or Prime packages, we’ll circle back after you have a full month of data so we can assess how your plan is working and tweak anything that is needed.  

“Ryan’s knowledge, systems and know-how is completely unrivaled and his coaching has given my business so much clarity. The money I have spent on an education with him has added immeasurable value to my business. If you are on the fence, don’t be! Jump right now. Because of Ryan, everything, including my employee training, is so systematized now, that I have a professional and highly profitable operation!”

Warren Kidd

Owner, Cinder Bar


*All packages include BACON free for 1-month.  If you do not cancel your BACON account within 1 month you will be charged $37 per month.  Already own BACON? Your billing will be suspended for 30 days.


One (1) 90-minute strategy session

1-month BACON access

✗ No additional coaching calls

✗ No access to my signature program, SCALE


One (1) 90-minute kick-off strategy session

Two (2) additional 45-minute coaching calls

1-month BACON access

Lifetime access to my signature program, SCALE


One (1) 90-minute kick-off strategy session

Eleven (11) additional 45-minute coaching calls

1-month BACON access

Lifetime access to my signature program, SCALE

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