Why is the Restaurant Manager Certification method getting 1000’s of restaurant owners around the world the results they desire?

Here’s the 2 biggest myths you still believe.

  1.  People can be managed.
  2.  Micro-managing is bad.

Listen, here’s the reality.

People are not born managers.  But we still think we can hire a “manager” and they are just going to magically fix our problems.  Hell, they’ll even grow our business.

Except, people can’t be managed.  You need to ditch the personality assessments (you know, the ones you keep blaming for a bad hiring mistake?)  The only thing that can ever truly be managed is SYSTEMS.  And micro-managing?  That is EXACTLY what your managers should be doing, that is their job.  To make sure everything gets done exactly how and when it is supposed to be, day by day, task by task.

Why is my method so different?  Honestly, because it IS actually a method!

Let me ask you a question – do you like being managed? 

Do you like being told what to do and what you are doing wrong? 


… so why would you think that your team will like it when you do it to them?

STOP managing people and start managing systems!  Everyone hates it and worse .. it’s completely ineffective.

The good news is that your people really care.  They care about you, their job, and the restaurant.  They just haven’t been taught how to manage properly and they’ve never been given the tools.  They’re simply following in the footsteps of the only thing they know – how their previous (and unsuccessful!) managers did their job.  Maybe (gulp!) it’s even you.  Of course you care, you want to grow, you want to improve.  You just don’t know how … yet.

If you’re a highly motivated employee or restaurant manager looking to invest in yourself, this knowledge and certificate will help you earn more money and be more successful.  If you’re a restaurant owner or operator, put your team through our training and allow us the opportunity to teach you and your team, proven restaurant-specific management strategies for you.



Every one of our graduates that implement the techniques and strategies taught in Restaurant Manager Certification has seen success.  

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