What’s Included:
➤  Full length training video

 ➤  Ghost Kitchen Bootcamp Workbook

 ➤  Lifetime Access

“With Ryan’s help, my wife and I have opened 2 ghost kitchens this year operating out of our brick and mortar location. They were both successful day one and have continued to grow. We could not have done this at the level of success we are experiencing without his knowledge and guidance.”

- Ahmed Abdelrehim

“I would have to guess we were one of the first people to open a ghost concept. I really had no idea what it was before Ryan helped me develop the first concept and get it open. To think we could splinter items off our current menu and sell them through a different concept was crazy. But it worked, with no additional rent, no additional staff, and no additional food. Having that additional income from day one was amazing, so we opened another concept and then another. Thank you!”

- Frank Herringa

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