Thank you for considering a
video testimonial for RMC!

Recording Instructions

1. Using your cell phone, create a short video answering the questions below.

2. Look for some natural light (near a window, outside, etc)

3. Make sure that you hold your camera in landscape mode, your face can be clearly seen, and you are in a quiet location.

4. Don’t worry about starting over or editing any mistakes. Just keep going and we will make the edits for you.

5. Email your video to [email protected].

6. Please include your full name, restaurant name, and website if you have one in the email.

Questions to ask yourself while recording

1. Before taking Restaurant Manager Certification, my business (or life) was ….. (tell us what your business or life was like before using RMC)

2. My biggest challenge as a restaurant manager is ….

3. I would recommend the Restaurant Manager Certification course to …. (what kind of person should take this course?)

4. I was most surprised at …. (what surprised you the most about the course content?)

5. Now that I’ve taken Restaurant Manager Certification, my business (or life) ….. (what do you think will change now that you’ve taken the course?)

Note: By submitting this video you agree that it may be used in whole or in part on social media, our website, or other marketing materials.