What  Ryan Does:

I help restaurant owners and operators get more out of their business and life by helping them improve their restaurant operations, make more money, pay their teams more money and ditch all the stress, struggle and overwhelm associated with operating their businesses.

Would You Be A Good Fit?


  • You already have a successful restaurant, but it’s not enough. You want to expand and want to do it right the first time.
  • You have good sales – maybe even great – but there never seems to be enough money or time in your day.
  • You have a successful restaurant, but think “Damn! Does this need to be so HARD?!”
  • Or you’re serious about opening up a restaurant in the next yearand you want to make sure you do it right because mistakes are expensive to fix later.
If you can say “Hell Yes” to any of the following, let’s talk!

“Spending that first 90 minutes on a strategy call with Ryan changed the way we were looking at our business model. The time, energy and MONEY we saved by his valuable knowledge and guidance is immeasurable. We came away from our call with a different approach, and have already changed our course in a a more productive way! We are sure to include Ryan in our most important decisions with our new restaurant!”

Tracii Hutsona

Operator, Breakfast Bitch

Choose Your Session:

Start with a One-on-One 90-Minute
Strategy Session with Ryan

During your session, we can tackle any issue you want or need. Past clients have asked …

Make More Money

Staff Issues

Increasing Sales

Improving Online Ratings

New Concept Development

Growth Strategies

Menu Ideas/Engineering

How to Have More Fun Running Your Restaurant

Restaurant Marketing Strategy

All sessions are conducted via professional meeting software, accessible online from anywhere in the world. Mutual screen sharing is available (internet only) and your call can be recorded upon request.

NOTICE ON CANCELLATIONS OF SESSIONS: Time slots are at a premium and are often booked days or weeks in advance. If you need to reschedule or cancel, that spot is often not fillable at the last minute. As a result, missed or cancelled appointments will not be refunded.

Audit and Advisory Onsite Visit

A professional, comprehensive top-to-bottom audit and advisory onsite visit is the most effective way to create an action plan to improve your business. Ryan travels anywhere in the world to work with you and your team within your environment to find the areas in need of improvement prior to creating a custom approach tailored to your unique situation and business.

Coaching & Mentorship

Ryan’s coaching calendar is currently full and he is unable to accept any new 1-on-1 coaching clients at this time. If you would like to work with Ryan directly, please book a 90-minute strategy session with him. If you are a good fit, spots open up occasionally. Otherwise, please consider our TRB Membership.

3 Sessions/ Mo. $997

10 Sessions Block $3997

I’m Still Not Sure What’s Right For Me

If you’re still not sure what is the perfect next step for you at this time, please email us with as much detail as possible and someone from Team TRB will be in touch with you with recommendations.