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As a recovering chef and restauranteur, I’ve been deep in the trenches. The struggles, stress and overwhelm were all part of the job … until it wasn’t. I’ve had the privilege of working inside some of the best restaurants in the country and with some of the most successful restaurants in the world. I’ve seen and lived through what does and doesn’t work and I’d be honored to share that all with you by speaking at your upcoming event, working with you and/or your managers one-on-one, or by guiding you through the process inside one of my top-rated training programs.

How Can I Help You Best Right Now?


Over the past decade I’ve been a keynote speaker for restaurant associations, corporate restaurant groups and vendor-hosted events all over the world.  I promise that I’ll educate AND entertain your audience while delivering a customized message to reinforce your business and its goals.


Whether you need a one-on-one strategy session to create a blueprint and next steps plan for your restaurant or ongoing weekly coaching, I’ve been helping every restaurant type imaginable from all over the world for well over a decade and I can help you too. 


Let’s dive into essential areas like marketing, management, and startup strategies. Each one is packed with the same practical guidance I provide to my private clients. With your restaurant’s success in mind, these courses allow you to choose the one that hits the mark for what your business needs right now.