Restaurant Owners: 6 Ways to Achieve your Goals

When you believe in something and raise your standards you are just one step away from achieving anything. Now you just need to plan it and take massive action!

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I want to teach you how to achieve your restaurant goals in this video. Most people don’t know about goals and it might be a reason why we’re not achieving the goals that we want for growth, profits, freedom, money or scaling up our restaurant business. One of the little-known things about goals is that it’s right in the middle of the process which means there are a few things we have to do before and after we set a goal. There’s a lot of stuff we have to do before we set a goal that most people don’t do so I want to make 2018 your most profitable year ever. One of the ways we’re gonna do that is with great goals.

The Six Ways:

The first thing is to go over this hierarchy or six things that are required in setting and achieving a goal:

    1. VisionIs something that you see far out on the future that you’re working towards so then all of your other goals can fall in line with that vision.
    2. Mission and Promises – this will be discussed more in depth in next week’s video.
    3. Goal is a formula for example “My goal is to go from X to Y by Z” which can also mean “My goal is to go from $60,000 a month in sales to $65,000 by this particular date”. That’s what all of your goals need to look like.
    4. Project is what plan or method you’re going to use in order to achieve a goal. A project can be something like increasing per person average or creating more catering sales to get from  $60,000 to $65,000 a month.
    5. Task – is when we take a project and break it down into tasks. Tasks can be a measurement system or to create a training system to teach our servers and our our staff to increase per person average.
    6. Action – are what end up in your calendar as a half-hour block of time or an hour block of time.

Summing it up:

If you’re struggling to achieve something we gotta start with a vision, then set our goals right using the formula, divide that goal into the different projects, divide those projects into different tasks and then we divide those tasks into the different action items and you put those items into your calendar. If it’s not in your calendar it’s not real – it’s just a dream.

Next week we’re gonna talk about the difference between what people call mission statements and promises.


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