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Today’s training video has three simple pieces of advice for anybody who is a new kitchen manager or new restaurant supervisor. Watch now!

To learn more please either watch the video above, read the transcript or listen to the podcast below.

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This video training is specifically for restaurant supervisors, a restaurant owner still acting as a manager, new kitchen manager, chefs, or anyone who’s in a leadership role in a restaurant. I’ve got three simple tips that I want to bring to you and I’m doing this because of an email someone sent me that asked, “What advice can you offer me as a new kitchen manager or a new restaurant supervisor?”  

3 Tips for new Managers and Supervisors:

    1. The first tip is to keep standards high
      Of course it’s important to have high standards and to maintain them. I often find that new leaders, new managers, or people who are not 100% confident in a leadership role, lower their standards in order to make friends with people or earn their respect. If someone does something wrong they’ll say, “Well that’s okay or don’t worry about it.” Or you will hear, “You’ll do better next time.” That is not how you earn respect! We respect people with high standards, so keep your standards high. If anything, raise your standards from anything before you. Now what’s important about maintaining standards is that you are strict without being mean. If you are mean, people will not respect you.
    2. Stay organized, be organized!
      If you’re not organized, you cannot manage and lead a team. This is especially true if you’re in a position where you are not the owner of the business. The owner is putting you in this position so you can do things for them and help relieve their stress. If you cannot stay organized, you are not of value to your organization, your owner, or your team. Write things down, don’t rely on your memory. There are tons of books and tips out there on how to get organized. You know right now if you’re organized or not. If you are not organized or on top of things, you are not fulfilling your role as a leader and a manager.
    3. Completion
      This is the ability to complete projects, etc. You’re put in this management/leadership role because someone is expecting you to be able to see something through from point A to point B. If you’re assigned a project to fix a menu or come up with new items within a week, you have to be able to complete that project properly and on-time. If not what are they paying you for? I know some of this sounds obvious, but I cannot tell you how important this is.

Summing it up:

Sometimes, as chefs, we think that since we’re such good chefs that all this other stuff doesn’t matter. Sure being a great chef, being friendly with your customers, or being a good manager with customer service in mind is important. But at the end of the day, you’re getting paid to maintain standards, to maintain organization, and to complete projects. If you can’t do those three, you’re not bringing value to your bosses, you’re not bringing value to your co-workers, you’re not bringing value to your organization, and that’s ultimately what we get paid for – bringing value to the table.

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