A Ridiculously Simple Way to Hit Food & Labor Costs

Chef Colin from the Turks & Caicos Beaches Resort has tips for managing your restaurant food cost. He should know – his budget is $55K/day over 23 restaurants!

If you’re having trouble keeping your food, beverage, and labor costs in check, then this week’s video is for you! While on vacation at the Beaches resort in Turks and Caicos, I had to pay a visit to their Executive Chef, Colin Watson, to see exactly what makes a 23 restaurant operation tick. You’re going to get a lot of juicy nuggets of information from Chef Colin in this video (and enjoy his Scottish accent)!

The Must Watch Highlights From the Video

0:38 – They call him the “Food Cost Master”
0:45 – Chef’s biggest tip to keep food cost in check
0:57 – How Chef Colin breaks down his food cost for 21 restaurants
1:10 – Each Chef gets a weekly budget and makes their plan for the week
1:36 – Chef Colin’s motto: use the money to suit yourself
2:18 – The cost per day in the resort is between $55-$60k per day!
2:45 – Chef Colin shares more numbers – they are astounding!
3:15 – What to do if you’re having trouble hitting your food cost
3:30 – How to simplify your food cost
3:38 – How to manage your food budget without any software
4:23 – What if you go over your food budget?
5:03 – I have a favor to ask
5:25 – How I get more stuff done in my business than most people (and I’ve giving it to you for free!)


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