I bet you can think of at least one person on your team that always seem to step up to the plate and blow you away. That, my friend, is your A-Player. These guys always take your advice, and they seem to thrive off of the feedback, coaching and competition.

Take the advice of basketball coach Doug Collins and keep pushing those people. In fact, start pushing them even harder than you have before because they are going to love it. You’ll see them begin to flourish in new ways and will continue to deliver the “wow factor”.

Now, don’t go tossing your people who don’t necessarily fit into this group. People who don’t respond well to coaching may do well in your restaurant, they just likely aren’t going to be the ones who are going to grow with you and go far within your restaurant.

Action STEP:

Identify 3 or 4 top players on your team and give them a project over the next week or month that will push them harder than you ever have before.  Both you and they will be impressed with what they can accomplish!

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