How many times have you walked up to a guests table to ask them how their night and service has been?  And how many times have you hoped that they would tell you that everything is fine?

What if I told you that was the worst outcome imaginable?

Whenever your guest tells you that something was wrong or they had higher expectations – that’s a total gift!  You almost want to “go for the no” because that’s where you’re going to see all the places that your restaurant and staff can work on to bring your business to the next level.

When they tell you that something wasn’t up to their standards, they’re telling you that if you change THAT , if you fix THIS, I’m going to be back and I’ll spend more money with you.

Action STEP:

With the next 5 tables that you approach, ask a better question, get a better answer:  Did we exceed your expectations this evening?



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