The moral of today’s quote is to watch how you speak to others. This is especially important in a business setting. Let me explain.

The wiser the person, the more self-aware they are with themselves. These people know that they aren’t perfect, have an understanding of their flaws, and usually don’t mind being called out on something having to do with their flaws. This is especially true if presented as constructive criticism. But either way, wise people tend to be able to shrug things off easier.

On the other hand, fools tend to think that they are always right and see no room for improvement. When you bring up a subject to them that is contrary to their belief, they will immediately go on the defense or even blame you. Since they are not wise, they do not have the self-awareness to see where they have made mistakes. And they certainly cannot accept that they need to make improvements.

Can you identify a wise man and a fool in your restaurant? I bet so! Will you know better now how to deal with them? I sure hope so!  Are there times you have allowed your ego to get in the way?

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Action Step:

Standard employee evaluations usually end with an employee wanting to quit their job and a manager saying, “Glad that’s over.” It doesn’t have to be this way. I highly recommend restructuring your employee evaluation structure. In this blog post, I share my Top 10 Employee Evaluation questions and some additional tips as well. Hope they help!



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