Easily Increase Restaurant Revenue


Weather you run a bar, pub, cafe, diner, Quick Service (QSR), family style restaurant or fine dinning, one of the easiest and fastest way to increase restaurant revenue is to use pricing that ends in $0.05 & $0.10, instead of $0 .25, $0.50 or even dollars (unless you are ultra fine dinning, see below).   If you are currently selling a hamburger for $5.50, raise the price to $5.55 nobody will know.  Do this all over your menu and depending on volume you can see a see a huge increase in revenue.

If you sell 200 items a day, $.05 on 200 is $10 a day or $3,650 a year (Hawaii anyone)!  Even better, you can increase your prices on a few items every couple months by $.05, your guests won’t notice and won’t question it.  But when you go from $5.50 to $6.00 they see it.

For you ultra fine dinning restaurants that use even dollars, consider using fractions instead of cents, it looks cool and you can easily raise prices by $0.25 every few months.  For example, instead of costing a steak entrée at $37 try $37 ½.  This way in two months you can easily raise the price to $37 ¾.

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