Restaurant Owners, Operators, Managers: 5 Ways to Lower Food Costs

Food costs are out of control! Today, I’m sharing 5 ways to lower your food costs (or keep them in check) in this ridiculous inflationary period were having.

We are in the highest inflationary period we’ve had….well, ever! Honestly, it’s just scary.

Clients are seeing raw material costs go up 25% in ONE MONTH on top of everything else going up, too.

It’s more important now than ever to lower food costs (or at least keep them in check). In today’s video, I am sharing the 5 areas you should be looking at to lower your Cost of Goods Sold.

Must See Video Highlights:

1:07 – We’ve NEVER experienced inflation like this!
2:50 – Grab a piece of paper and pen for the Top 5 ways to control food costs.
4:12 – May 10th in-depth training on this subject – join us as a TRB Member! (
5:25 – Restaurants are often set up (designed) to struggle
7:30 – Commit to mastery!


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