I gave you a quick tip not too long ago (link here: https://therestaurantboss.com/quick-tip-13/), and this really goes hand in hand.

Here’s the thing. All the reporters out there all want the same thing that you do – to be big time.  How are they going to get noticed by the big guns and get promoted?  By being popular.  Here’s where the law of reciprocity is going to work for you.

If you’re liking, commenting and sharing everything that the reporter is doing, they’re going to notice you, they’re going to wonder who the hell this guy and why is he liking all my stuff.  The reporter might pop over to your Facebook page or your website.  Hell, he might drop you a line to do a story on you and your restaurant.  

You scratch his back, and he might just scratch yours.

Action Item:

Find your local press on any social media outlet that you can and follow them.  Like the updates that they post, share their stories and tell your tribe to take a minute to read it.  Comment on the stuff they share.

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