I know that it’s easy to stand in one spot, especially if what you’re doing is already successful.  I know that when you step out of that comfort zone, your heart starts to race, your palms feel clammy and quite honestly, you want to throw up.

Here’s the problem with never challenging yourself:  you work on auto-pilot, you grow stagnant, and what was once the “cream of the crop” and “state of the art” quickly turns into yesterday’s news.  

It’s scary to think about what your restaurant might look like in the future.  I get it.  But to keep your business fresh, you need to have an eye for opportunity.  Look for things that will be the next big thing.  

Action STEP:

Come up with one goal that people (even you!) think might be impossible .. something that makes you uncomfortable to even think about.  Write it down, set a due date for accomplishing it and work towards it.

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