It’s important to get some outside opinions about a new idea or vision that you have for your restaurant, but where does that road end?  There does come a time when you have to slap the mute button on everyone else’s thoughts and suggestions and run with what you have planned.

Here’s the deal – if you have a super clear vision of where you’re going; if you KNOW that you’re doing something special – run with it.  Stop asking for feedback from your employees, mentors, peers and sometimes even guests.

People don’t always know what they want until you give it to them.  Had Ford just asked all the people riding around on horses what they wanted, they would have told him that they wanted to get to their destination faster and he would have built a better buggy whip to get those horses moving.  Say goodbye to that gorgeous sports car sitting in your driveway – you might just have had a really great whip to get those horses into high gear.

Action STEP:

Clarify the vision for your restaurant so much that you can see, hear and taste it.  Decide what part of that vision is non-negotiable – what HAS to happen exactly how you have planned.  Everything else can be open to suggestions and opinions of the people around you.  I promise, it’ll help get you to your goals faster.

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