We’ve all seen those people who seem to have a limitless amount of energy.  They wake up each morning and come into work with a smile and the determination to get through their tasks ten times over.  

Stop secretly hating them or wondering what they put into their morning coffee.  People aren’t born with the ability to work harder, they’re creating their own environment and generating that energy.  

You’re going to have to find what works for you, but you might find that something like meditation, yoga, working out or simply bringing mindfulness into your day can help.

Energy is a decision we make, not something we have…

Action STEP

When you find yourself needing an energy boost, try this simple exercise called square breathing.  Close your eyes and breath in through your nose slowly for 3 seconds.  Allow it to fill your stomach and then your lungs.  Hold the breath for 3 seconds and then slowly breath out through your mouth for 3 seconds.  Wait 3 seconds and do this again.  Repeat the process 5-6 times and you should feel a huge burst in energy.

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