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Today’s video is the first in a four-part series on restaurant checklists and shows you how to create an effective checklist.

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This is the first of four videos in the series about restaurant checklists. I love checklists. You may love them, you may hate them. I’m going to convert you to a lover of checklists right now.

Today’s all about creating an effective restaurant checklist. We’ve heard many times, and you’ve probably even said this yourself, that ‘checklists don’t work’. That’s what we’re going to overcome in this video series.

What is a Checklist?

First, let’s talk about a checklist in general. The most important thing about a checklist is that they assign items to a specific person or station. Keep in mind the station can only be operated by one person, so if you have two people working in a station then you have to have a Station 1 or 2, A or B. For example, you have two fry cooks: Fry 1 and 2. You cannot assign a checklist to multiple people, you can’t just have a ‘Kitchen Checklist’ or ‘Opening Checklist’. You have to have an Opening Checklist for a specific person or station. 

The second most important thing about checklists is that they define quantity and quality to be ready for service. Sometimes you’ll hear me say service or a shift, but what the checklist does is it makes sure that someone has anything and everything that they need for a successful shift with the correct quantity and quality. That’s basically it, the restaurant checklist tells people what to do.

There are different kinds of checklists, for example, you may have an Opening Checklist which basically tells people how to open up or to get their station ready. You may have a Maintenance Checklist that tells people every month to make sure we do this maintenance every quarter or every year. You may have a Closing Checklist that reminds people what needs to get done to close up shop. Today, we’re going to jump inside my computer and I’m going to show you right now how to build an opening station checklist.


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