How to Create an Effective Restaurant Checklist

The reason most people hate checklists is that they don’t use them correctly. I’m going to make it my mission to change that today and convert you to a checklist lover!

I’ve heard all of the excuses why checklists don’t work. And I am not buying into a single one of them. Checklists work…especially if you build one that is effective. This might sound hard but I promise it’s not. Just follow the 3 steps in today’s video!

Must See Video Highlights:

1:15: Here’s the KEY to an effective checklist.
1:40: When checklists don’t work.
2:13: Checklists tell WHO what TO DO.
2:30: The different kinds of checklists.
3:10: Look over my shoulder as I build an opening station checklist.
6:18: Are you sure you’re including EVERYTHING the station needs for a successful shift?
6:49: Make your checklists even more effective with this tip.


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