How to Get Unstuck

Restaurant owners, operators, managers, and employees do you ever feel stuck? Stuck in your ability to grow your income or your desires for more. This week’s video is just for you.

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Hey restaurant owners, operators, managers, and employees do you ever just feel stuck? Stuck in your ability to grow, your income, or your desires for more. This week’s video is just for you. I refer back to a great quote by a gentleman named Brandon Bouchard. If you’ve never heard of him you should, he’s a phenomenal author and speaker. He’s written some great books like the Motivation Manifesto and The Charge, just really good personal development type stuff.

This quote from Brendon Bouchard is great:

“There are 2 things that change your life: either something new comes into your life or something new comes out of you”.

I remember the first time I heard that quote. I had to hear again and again, read and study it. Throughout my career, that quote keeps coming up over and over. You want something to change that you’re not happy within your life whether it’s personal, business, financial, relationships, or love interest. Whatever it is you’re not happy with there are only 2 things that are going to change that – either something new is going to come into your life. Like if you’re single who wants to be in a serious relationship who walks out the front door, bumps into someone, ends up going on a date, gets married and has kids living a beautiful life. Or something new comes out of you.

The problem with the first is we love to live in this ‘world of hope’, we love to think that something new is going to come into our life. But some of us are living in it too much, hoping that perfect somebody walks into our lives. Some of us are hoping that the restaurant fills up with guests, to win the lottery or just hoping that things get better. We don’t even know what it is but we’re just hoping that things do get better.

The question I always have is: How much confidence do you have that the change you need is going to come into your life?. If you’re not 120% confident that’s coming, then you better get to work on something new coming out of you. Even if you are confident something is going to come, like at your job waiting for the promotion that you know is coming – well don’t just sit there and hope! Do everything in your power to guarantee that is going to happen!

What I tell a lot of my friends who are younger, single, and frustrated in the dating world is, “What are you doing to put yourself out there?” Are you talking to people that you bump into at Starbucks? Your future wife might be in line ahead of you but are you talking to them? If not, nothing’s going to happen. The only way something new is going to come is if you’re opening yourself up to relationships.

Same thing could be happening with you at work. If you’re not happy there and want a new job, are you going out developing new skills, going on interviews, submitting cover letters, resumes, sending emails and doing phone calls? If yes, when the right opportunity comes in your life, you’re going to be ready for it. If no, well you can rely on hope. But, hope is a strategy, it’s just not a very good one.

If you’re waiting for something new to come in, why not take control of your life? Why not have something new come out of you? We should accept that everything in our life is up to us, either the good things or bad things that happen. If your restaurant is slow today, it’s not because your cooks are inconsistent with the food or not making food that’s good enough. It’s because you don’t hire the right cooks and don’t train them well enough. You can create the systems for them to follow, to create that consistency in the delicious food that you desire – that’s all.

You may have been born into a terrible childhood, but right now you have the capacity to watch this video and that means you have the capacity to change your life. If you are watching this whether it’s on a cell phone, computer, etc. then you have everything you need right now to change your life. Don’t blame others and play the victim here.

I may be wrong and you may not agree with me. I encourage conversation! Chances are you’re sitting there going “You know what Ryan? You’re right.” If you have the capacity to watch this video, you have the capacity to change anything you want in your life. All the information, training, concepts, theories, and all the knowledge in the world is available to you. It’s just a matter of how bad you want it.

What new is going to come out of you? What is going to change? If your restaurant is stuck and isn’t as busy as you want or if your job isn’t paying as much as you want or if you hate your boss, your employees or if anything in your life isn’t where you want to be – either something new is going to come in your life and change it or something new is going to come out of you. I love the fact that something new could come into my life but I love even more that I’m in control of what comes out of me. Every day I wake up I make sure that what comes out of me is the best and gets better every day, then I get more focus on what I can control and more good things come into my life. I want the same for you!


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