This Restaurant is FULLY Staffed!

Find out why this growing Austin restaurant concept *never* has to put a Help Wanted sign out. It’s a simple philosophy that could change YOUR restaurant!

I was excited to finally try the Jack Allen’s restaurant that opened a few minutes from my house and figure out WHY THEY WERE ON A 45 MINUTE WAIT FOR LUNCH ON TUESDAY.

The food and atmosphere were good (as to be expected), but the staff…the staff was OUTSTANDING! Watch today’s video to get my full reaction and the secret sauce that owner, Jack Gilmore, uses to hire, train, and retain probably the best restaurant team in Austin!

Must See Video Highlights:

0:35 – This is one restaurant I am impressed with!
0:50 – This restaurant was on a 45-minute wait at lunch on a Tuesday!
1:15 – This owner has no trouble finding staff because he treats them well.
1:33 – It all starts with training (that’s 8 days long) and standards!
2:07 – He has his staff’s back…always!
2:40 – There is nothing essential about what restaurants do…it’s a choice for guests to eat there.
3:10 – Team first!
3:50 – My server drives an hour to get to work each day!


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