Find extra cash in your restaurant!

That’s right, there is CASH everywhere in your restaurant, especially the kitchen and the bar.  Only you (and your employees) don’t see it as cash, you see it as inventory.

However, you can’t pay bills with inventory…ONLY WITH CASH!  So, how do you know if you have too much inventory on the shelves?

Watch this video training to find out how to Lower your Restaurant Inventory Cost without software!

I am going to share with you a simple calculation, that will take 2 minutes per month, that will help you put cash in your pocket.  Cash you can use for marketing, advertising, rent, payroll etc…instead of 5 gallons of soy sauce (because it was a little bit cheaper) or 12 bottles of Absolut because you get a bottle Ice Tea flavored Vodka for FREE, how about CASH that you can do whatever you want with!

Discover when the 5 gallons or soy sauce or the FREE bottle is worth it and find out how much inventory is TOO MUCH! 

I apologize, it’s a bit longer than my normal blog posts, but it’s full of valuable information and tips that can put cash in your pocket, as quickly as this week!

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