Growing up, were you ever told, especially from your parents, that you should learn from your mistakes? Well, they were 100% right. When we have a fear of failure and strive for perfectionism, we don’t learn nearly as much.

The crucial difference is when you keep repeating the same mistake and thus not learning a thing. So take making mistakes as a learning opportunity to try something new, find a creative way to problem solve, model behavior, etc. But always, always learn. The something new doesn’t have to be monumental; it can be a small tweak that delivers a different outcome. Then learn from that tweak. Rinse & repeat!

Or, accept that your employees will make mistakes, just be sure to teach them how not make it again.

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Action Step:

If at first you don’t succeed, then try again. If you get the same outcome, it’s time to look at the solution (or the problem) from a different vantage point and try something new.



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