I am not sure if you know this about me, but I am an avid golfer. Within 20 minutes of my house, I am lucky enough to have 3 fantastic golf courses (it was a strategic buy!).

You guys, this game is hard! But I love it for that reason and so much more. It gives me a challenge; something I can continually tweak to see different and better results. And there is the key – I have to work at it.

When I first took up the game, I’ll admit to not being the best one of the course. So what did I do to get better? I practiced! And then I practiced some more. I would study the swings of pros that I wanted to emulate and then hit the driving range to, what, practice!

I am still a work in progress, and probably always will be. After all, is perfect truly attainable?

But with more practice, I am always improving!

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Action Step:

What is one area in your life that needs improving? It doesn’t have to be a sport like I mention. It could easily be in your restaurant business. Once you identify that area, then find ways to practice this skill. Could it be customer service? Maybe develop a question or two that you can start asking patrons as they finish up a meal. Practice this over and over. Tweak the questions. Develop a better way of delivering the message. I promise you will see positive results!



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