​In today’s video, I teach restaurant owners, operators, and managers how to properly manage their restaurant checklists.

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Hey restaurant owners, managers, and operators! Today I want to teach you how to properly manage your restaurant checklists. That’s right! You actually have to manage checklists; they don’t manage themselves.

Today is video 3 of a four-part video series about restaurant checklists. Checklists that I love! Maybe you love them, maybe you’re a checklist ninja, maybe you’re a new restaurant, or maybe you hate checklists. Well,  I am here to convert you by showing you why I love checklists and why they’re awesome.

In the 1st part of the video series we talked about how to build, step by step, an effective restaurant checklist. In part 2, I shared with you one of the bigger challenges that I see, which is not creating checklists and prep sheets (and the difference between the two). 

Manage your checklists

I want to share with you the number one reason why I see or hear people complaining to me that they’ve tried checklists and they don’t work. It’s simple, they’re not being managed properly. 

Let me explain, a lot of times we just build a checklist. We download some template from somewhere, throw some things on it, tell people what they need to do, and then hold a staff meeting and say “Here’s your checklist – you need to do it.” It usually doesn’t look great, and it’s a photocopy of a photocopy or it’s laminated with grease pen marks all over it. 

You know what that’s fine – but that’s why they don’t work. I told you how to build an effective one, but your checklists also have to look awesome. You have to care about them as much as they do, but more important than anything, you have to manage the checklist. (In next week’s video I’m going to get into some more specifics about the reasons your staff doesn’t like checklists, some more things you can do to help train your staff, and why they should love checklists.) 

I want to talk to you about something I say over and over again: you have to manage systems and develop people. Checklists are systems and can be managed. However, I don’t believe people can be managed but they can be developed. If you want to argue with me on that, watch this video.

Oftentimes managers want to just negate all management responsibility by not managing people and not managing systems! They just want to get paid to sit in an office, walk the floor, or to do whatever it is that they do.

If a checklist was supposed to be completed as an ‘Opening Checklist’ before you open to the public at say 11:00, are you or is someone else walking around at 9:00, 9:30 or 10:00 checking in on people to pick up their checklist and look at finding out where they are? Are you making sure that things are getting done and helping facilitate it? If one person is behind and another one is ahead, let them help each other. If you are not actively participating in the process, not managing the system, managing the checklist (whether the checklist is good or bad) – they will never work. 

You must manage the checklist to get ahead! Don’t wait till 11:15 to find out that you’re out of something and the reason you’re out is that someone on your team didn’t do the checklist. Learn about that at ten o’clock by managing the checklist.

I hope you enjoy today’s video. I look forward to bringing you another one just like this next week! Have a wonderful day, stay healthy and stay safe.

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