This is an incredibly easy way to make sure that you’re on target each and every month.  Two of the most basic numbers you need to know in real time is your sales and purchases to date. When mid-month rolls around, you need to know that you’re halfway to your sales goal and haven’t used more than half of your purchase budget.  

Easy right?

If you’re tracking your numbers consistently every day, then you’ll know you’re heading for a huge problem at the end of the month if mid month you’ve only hit 40% of your sales and have eaten 60% of your purchases budget.
Most restaurants are either tracking these numbers by hand or piecing together several pieces of software, but there is an easier and better way.  After being asked to promote dozens of different tools to you, and none of them passing my high standards, I decided to create something that tracks exactly what you need to know.


Want to learn more?  Visit where you can start tracking this information yourself.

Action Item:

Choose to use the software mentioned above or use another method of tracking your sales and purchases each day and monitor the results so you can adjust accordingly.



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