I can’t remember the exact quote or which general said it, but something along the lines of “Hospital Corners on your bed saves lives in the battle field.”  Military officials are crazy about a well made bed because it does a couple things.  For one, its the first task all soldiers do at the start of their day.  Two, who do you want protecting you in the war, a guy who can’t make his bed properly or the guy that is responsible and has a sense of pride to make it perfect every day.

The pre-shift meeting is the same thing.   It sets the standard for the day and allow you to ensure your team is up to standard.  A well run pre-shit meeting sets the bar for the rest of the shift.  Skip it and your shifts will be sloppy.

Action Item

Don’t worry about it being perfect and don’t give met he excuse that your staff come in at different time.  The next shift after reading this post, have a 3 minute pre-shift.  Make sure your staff is aware of specials, 86 items and all look great.  Give them a a goal and quick pep talk.  That its…make it a habit and watch your shifts improve.

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