Create Some Really Fun Non-Alcoholic Beverages for an Increase in your Restaurant Sales this summer!

A good portion of your customers are willing to spend a few extra dollars on a creative, fun and delicious beverage but don’t want to drink a beer or cocktail.  

The ideas are endless for alternatives to a soda. Click To Tweet

  • Spritzers
  • Italian Sodas
  • Herbal Iced Tea
  • Tonics
  • Cold Coffee Beverages

One of the easiest things we used to do at our restaurant was take fruit trimmings or fruit that was about to spoil and blend it with some simple syrup and herbs or spices to create an upsell for guests iced tea.  For example you can blend some blueberries with simple syrup, cinnamon and mint, then charge an extra $1 to give guests a spiced blueberry mint iced tea.  Your cost on this additional offering is about 5 or 10 cents per serving, assuming you used fresh product, if they are bruised blueberries about to go in the trash, your effective cost on this is next to nothing!

Take advantage of hot summers and give your guests something they will love!

Ginger Lime Tonic
Coconut Watermelon Slush



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