There has always been competition, but never anything like what we see today.  Your competition is not just other restaurants, its grocery stores, its meal delivery, its the food network, its magazines, its the home chef, its everywhere.  

There is no room for good…good is poor, great is good, excellant is great.  If you want to be the best you have to be better than excellent, then you don’t have competition anymore.

Take Action

Determine something you do well, but are not the best at.  Just one thing, not everything.  It could be one item on your menu, a drink at the bar, a part of your service steps, a marketing campaign, a financial control…Determine what it will take to be the best in the world at it and then get work.  Once you are the best at it, find something else.

[bctt tweet=”The future belongs to the competent.  Get Good, Get Better, Be the Best. – Brian Tracy” via=”no”]




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