Have you read The Alchemist before?  If you haven’t, I highly recommend it – it’s a quick, easy read and a world wide best seller.  Let’s look at this in terms of systems.  There are going to be things you have to do in your business that will only ever happen once.  These aren’t the things we have to document and create systems around.  But when you find that people are asking the same question over and over, it’s going to keep happening and that’s your queue to get a system created around it.

If your customers are asking the same questions about a particular item on a menu – you might need to go back and find a way to better describe it.  If your employees are always asking the same question when they’re coming on board, you need to put a system in place that addresses that question at the beginning stages so they aren’t always coming back to you to ask the same question.

Action Step

Sit down and figure out what’s repeatedly happening in your business – whether it’s a question asked by an employee, a customer or a vendor.  Then put a system in place to address that question so it doesn’t keep happening.  

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