We are always looking for ways to overcomplicate success.  We put our goals on a pedestal and ‘hope’ to achieve them one day.  We make them bigger than they are, harder then they are, less real than they are.  The reality is that success (whatever that means to you) is well within your reach and ability.

Success is simple! Take a small step forward every single day. Click To Tweet

Do something everyday that moves you closer to goals.  Somedays the action will be small and seemingly meaningless, other days the actions will be huge and give you a great sense of accomplishment.  Whats most important is that every single day, you are moving closer, no matter how small the step may be.

Action Step:

Create a journal using any method you prefer (digital, handwritten, excel sheet) and write a goal you wish to achieve in the next 30 days at the top.  Then every single day, document one or more action you took in that day, that moved you closer to your goal.  You will achieve your goal in less than 30 days if you stick to system!



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