I hear great ideas from restaurant owners (and potential new restaurant owners) on a daily basis.  Some of these are really good ideas, but how many of these ideas do you think go from idea to reality?  I can tell you with certainty its much closer to 0% then 100%.  


Action Item

Coming up with ideas is the easy part, wishing for the success those ideas will you bring you is the easy part, anybody can do that!

I will take an average idea with any execution over a great idea and I would take a poor idea with excellant execution over a great idea without follow up.  

Today, take one of your ideas and start executing it with excellence!  If you come up with more good ideas, put them on a list to check on next time you are out of ideas, then get back to the idea you are working on unit its a reality.  If you don’t have any good ideas but are just wishing for something to change, the same rules apply.  Do something today that will create a change.  SOMETHING ANYTHING it doesn’t matter, but do it with excellence!

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