We all remember the line “Baby Steps” from the hilarious movie What About Bob.  Richard Dryfus (the shrink) tells Bill Murray (who is afraid of everything) to just take baby steps..

Often times we get stuck in our own sh*t at work because we think for something to be great it must be huge.  The key to success is not waiting for the next big idea to come your way, its committing to a goal and then taking a step toward that goal every single day.

Then if you do lots and lots of small things great, they will eventually equal greatness.  We think great things were done in an instant, we think actors who got a breakout role and win an Oscar came from nowhere, we think the restaurant that just opened up and is hugely successful got lucky.  The truth is there is ALWAYS years of small greatness behind the Greatness you see today.  

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Action Step

Instead of waiting for the next big idea that will increase sales by 20% in your restaurant, Identify 5 things that will increase sales 1% each.  Write down the goal and then write down the 5 things you are going to do every single day this week and commit to do those 5 things EXCELLENCE!  Then when you have increased sales by 5%, either keep working on those or find 5 more and then wash, rinse and repeat.  Eventually all those little things, will equal the 20% you were looking for.  

Or you can wait for the next big idea and never get the boost in sales you deserve, you pick!





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