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Today I am sharing a quick tip on how to quickly heat up your restaurant and bar profits. When you’re done watching the video, you’ll be singing, “Ice, Ice, Baby!”

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Today I’m going to show you how to dramatically heat up your restaurant and bar profits by serving ice cold drinks. What I mean by that is not the temperature of the drink, but that you’re serving with ice.

It’s All in the Ice:

Ice is probably the most important ingredient in your bar. I bet you’ve never thought of using ice to increase your restaurant and bar profits! It’s not just to make your drinks cold, which is what people ultimately want when ordering a cocktail, but rather how it affects the recipe. If anyone ever said your drinks aren’t strong enough or that they can’t even taste the alcohol, it could be the size of your glass – if it’s is too big and the alcohol is getting watered down. Or you’re adding more mixer than you need to and you can’t taste the alcohol, even though the right amount is in the drink.

But, honestly, it’s mostly the ice. If you don’t have enough ice in the glass when you pour in the alcohol, you have left too much room for mixer. What you need to do is make sure that you’re packing that drink with a lot of ice because, 1.)  ice is not very expensive, and 2.) when you pour in the the alcohol first, less room is left for the mixer. This will create the perfect drink your customers and they will taste the alcohol. Of course, it depends on what kind of bar you operate. However, chances are you’ve never thought about this, have never trained your staff on it, and have never made sure that you’re using the right amount of ice in your bar.


If you want to increase the profits in your bar:

  1. Make sure you’re using the right amount of ice. If you ever get complaints that your drinks aren’t strong enough, don’t be irresponsible and over pour your alcohol. That’s just pouring profits down the drain. Rather, make sure you’re using enough ice.
  2. If you’re using enough ice, pouring the right amount of alcohol, and your drink still doesn’t taste the way it’s supposed to taste, check your glassware because it’s probably too big.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s quick tip! It’s a great one for restaurant and bar operators that can immediately be put into action. Looking forward to bringing you another great tip just like this next week

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