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Sometimes things come up that distract people from doing their tasks. Watch the video on what to do if your employees said they’re going to do something but then didn’t.

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In today’s restaurant management tip, I want to teach you a 3-step process you can use when one of your team members (a manager or an employee) does not do something they said they would do. It happens all the time, we get busy and we have great excuses for why we didn’t do things. Something comes up and it prevents us from doing something that we said we’re going to do.

We must get our tasks completed to keep the ball moving forward on our projects and goals.

3 Step Process:

  1. Recognize the importance of what they did that distracted them from completing their task. We need to recognize how important they are to the team by saying something like: “Thank you for the work you did in cleaning up after that flood when the pipe broke in the kitchen. That was so important to the business. Had you not been there I don’t know what we would have done. We really appreciate you stepping up to the plate and taking care of that.”

We have to let them know that whatever it was that distracted them was important and a good use of their time, we can’t just ignore the fact that they did something good to help the business otherwise they’re just going to say that you’re ungrateful.

  1. Remind them that they’re a huge part of the team and that without all of their hard work the team would never be able to reach their goal.
  2. Address that employee and let them know that the entire team is counting on them to not only complete any new commitments that they have for this week but to also complete the commitment that they made last week, so that way we don’t lose any time.

Final Thoughts:

I hope those three steps help you better recognize the efforts of your team but maintain your standards and expectations.  Things do happen and get in the way. Using this three-step feedback process when someone doesn’t get something done on your team lets them know that you care but more importantly, still need to hold them accountable.

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