Want to learn how to get paid more for the hard work your putting in? Watch today’s video for a simple tip on how to create more value, which will help raise your worth.

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Hey restaurant managers! Today, we’re talking about getting paid more for the hard work that you’re putting in. I’ve been a manager of restaurants – mostly in the kitchen, but also in the front of house. I can safely say that you’re likely not getting paid as much as you think you are worth, and I’m gonna tell you exactly why that is.

Add more value

It’s very simple: how much you want to get paid is directly related to the value you add. You’re not adding value if you are late or if you’re constantly complaining. You are not adding value if the majority of what you are doing is covering other people’s shifts when they’re late, taking a day off, unable to do their job, or call out sick. The ownership might as well just be paying another line-level staff member to do that work. It may feel like you’re adding value, but you’re not in those situations.  

Here’s the thing about value: it’s as simple as doing things that those who are paying you either don’t want to do or don’t know how to do. Most likely, it’s both. What it really comes down to is you have to be able to add value to your owners, to the company or the business. If you add more value they could pay you more. I know that you might be thinking, “Well, when they pay me more I’m going to put in more effort.” That’s all wrong,  and exactly how someone who doesn’t earn a lot of money thinks. The people who earn good fair wages in this world are the ones who adopt the philosophy of “I’m going to show you first. I’m gonna get you the results then you will pay me the money I deserve.”

It’s a risk, I get it. But no successful and savvy business owner is going to pay you first and then hope that you deliver the results. I know that this may be a little bit harsh or direct and not exactly what you expected. You might have been looking for something more like ‘Five specific things you can be doing’. I just want you to always be asking yourself the question “Am I always adding more and more value to this organization and to the owners?” That could come in the way of growth, giving them more freedom, lowering expenses, controlling their labor costs and food costs. There are hundreds if not thousands of ways that value can be added, but at the end of the day you must be able, willing, and good at doing the things that you’re owners either don’t want to do, don’t have the time to do or don’t know how to do. Likely a combination of all that.  

Go out and add more value and the money will come, I promise. I look forward to bringing you another video just like this next week. Today, go out and be a boss.

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