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If you find yourself wishing, wanting, or hoping for something new, take a pause. It’s a matter of finding what you can control.

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What would happen if….?

You chose to get better at holding your staff accountable?

You focused on being strict instead of mean and yelling at your staff?

You chose to help your employees achieve one of their goals instead of demanding more out of them to help you achieve your goals?

You gave more and asked for less?

You learned a new skill?

You put that new skill into practice every single day?

You asked why but paid attention to the answer a little more?

You asked what can I do better next time?
You asked what could I have done better to prevent what happened last time?

Every time I find myself wishing, wanting, or hoping for something new, I always pause and ask myself, “What can I control?”

What if I did something a little better or learned a new skill?

What if I controlled that and got ahead of that?

So if you find yourself hoping, wanting, or wishing come back and ask yourself what if you did any one of these today and every day after that.

I hope you’re enjoying the New Year and I hope you enjoyed this week’s video too. I know it was a little somber, but I appreciate you sticking with me for it!

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