A chef might create a recipe based on love, passion and gut reaction, but when it comes to determining what should be on a menu, you need to switch gears and make decisions through hard metrics.

Sometimes it’s incredibly easy to tell which items aren’t selling well on your menu. If that’s the case, your job just got easier. Try changing the description, the price or even just putting it in a different location on the actual menu. If your sales increase, bam! If not, you’re much better off removing it from the menu entirely.

Action Item:

Create an excel spreadsheet with all your menu items so you can track what’s selling, and how much is selling each week and see which items are the slowest moving. Make a plan to change the description, price and/or location of that item on the menu. Continue to track the sales. You may want to optimize it further by choosing one item to change per month. Update one thing at a time so you’ll know exactly what was causing the low sales.



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