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Motivation is great, but without certain tools, we lose that motivation and it becomes hard work again. In this video, I will tell you one of the things that can help you get and stay motivated.

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If you ever feel like something is holding you back from getting your restaurant to the next level, motivation is great but it takes three things to stay motivated over a long period of time. I’m gonna share with you the first one in a three-part video series on motivation and how to get what you want out of your restaurant.

Get motivated through belief:

The first part for long-term sustained motivation is belief. The thing about belief however is we don’t really believe we can do it until we believe we can do it. I’ll share with you two stories that are going to help you grasp this idea.

The first is about one of the best long-distance runner in the world in the mid 50’s, Roger Bannister. In his time nobody had ever broken a flat 4:00 minute mile. It was a common belief that it was scientifically impossible that the human body could not run that fast and sustain the energy needed to do it. Suddenly, Roger Bannister broke four minutes and did a 3 minute and 56 second record. The crazy part is not because he broke 4 minutes but because there were six or seven people who were getting very close to his record. It was then scientifically believed it was humanly impossible when Roger Bannister as well as six people did it within a few weeks. How is it possible that no one could do it but then one person and many people that followed accomplished it? It’s belief. The scientists were saying it couldn’t be done so everyone believed it’s not possible, but once they saw it could be done then they believed it’s possible.

The second story relates back to your restaurant. I had an opener who is very responsible that would come in and open the restaurant but it was taking him about five hours to get it open. One day the opener calls out sick in the morning and I had catering that night. I had to come in and do the opening work and came in at the same scheduled time he did at 5:00 a.m. and I got the work done in three hours instead of his five. It felt weird so I called him up and he said that there’s no way you had to have forgotten something or you were so well prepped. We agreed that I’m gonna come in another day while he stands in the corner and watch me do it in three hours. He then thought it can be done so he started asking me questions and I retrained him on how I managed it. He was then able to do it and saved us a couple hours a day. The opener didn’t believe it could be done until I did it and then he believed it was possible and wanted to learn how.

Final Thoughts:

The first step for long-term motivation is when you get excited about something like going to a seminar, read a book or when you watch one of my videos and hear a story of success – you get motivated. Step number one is to believe it can be done and if you don’t believe it can be done, go out and find others who have done it. If your restaurant is struggling right now and you know that it should be more successful, go out and find someone who took a restaurant from stress, struggling and overwhelmed to money, freedom and joy and interview or call them and ask questions so you can start to believe that it can be done.

I really hope you enjoyed this video about the first step in motivation and there’ll be two more videos to follow this. I look forward to bringing you step number two next week have a wonderful day.

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