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Motivation dies down and wears off. Raising the standards of your restaurant can be one of the things to help you keep motivated. This week I will share with you some steps on how to raise your standards.

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Do you ever feel like you’re not getting where you want to go as fast as you want, that you get motivated and then that wears off? There’s three critical steps to stay motivated over a long period of time and I’m going to share with you step number two in this video.

Today’s video is about raising your standards in order to maintain that long-term motivation. I want you to think about the fact that your business has a direct relationship to your standards. So if you’re not happy with some food that’s coming out of your kitchen it’s because you’ve allowed it to come out that way. You may think your standard is high but whatever’s coming out of the kitchen is actually the standard you set.

Steps to Raise Your Standards:

I’m gonna give you 6 steps to help you raise your standard and keep that long-term motivation to get those results that you’re looking for in your restaurant.

  1. Identify an area in your restaurant in your business that you’re not happy with, an area that there is some room for improvement.
  2. Identify the belief that supports that standard.
  3. Set a new standard. (Ex. Decreasing preparation time needed for items from your current time.)
  4. Identify a new belief that supports that new standard.
  5. Identify all of the things that you’re already doing well that supports your new standard.
  6. Get focused on all the things you’re doing well and creating some new habits that support that new belief.

This was part two in staying motivated for the long term, in the next video I’m gonna bring you that third step. I want to thank you guys for watching this video and look forward to bringing you video 3 next week.

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