When you stock in 6 packs, you will instantly lower you Restaurant Beverage Cost, plus it is one of the easiest ways to stop beer, or any bottled beverage theft, dead in its tracks.

Most restaurants store their back up bottles of beer in the kitchen walk-in or on the shelves in dry storage.  If you stock them as individual bottles, it is very hard to notice if 1 or 2 have gone missing.  However, if you stock them in full 6 packs, nobody is going to remove 1 bottle, it’s far too obvious that it’s missing.
Sure they might take a full 6 pack, but that is also pretty obvious (and risky on their part).

So, set the policy effective immediately – when anybody opens a full case, take full 6 packs to the bar and leave the remaining 6 packs on the shelf, DO NOT open a case and restock the bar unless there is room for 6 bottles.

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